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Types of houses


An apartment is a group of housing units in one building all owned by one entity.  In other words, all the units are owned by one entity. The units are then rented out to tenants.  This is the key difference between a condo and an apartment. With a condo, individual entities (i.e. person or corporation) own the units, whereas with apartments, all the units in the building are owned by one entity.


A condominium is a style of an apartment which is individually owned. Normally by the person living there, although you can rent from the condo owner.Each condo owner is allowed to buy and sell their own condo and own a small percentage rights to the land and common areas, like the gym or tennis court.This is different from an apartment where the entire building is owned by one person or company.


A townhouse is like a row home sharing one or two walls. They are tall and narrow buildings. They don’t have a lot of land around them and often only have very small gardens at the back. They are usually 2 or 3 stories tall.  Some rise even higher. They are different than a condo in that owners of a townhouse own both interior and exterior of the unit and are therefore financially responsible for maintenance of exteriors. A townhouse is more like a single family home except for being attached to another unit either on one or both sides.


A villa is a type of house that was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house.

villas are known as more private, elegant destinations for people who want to go on vacation, but prefer to not stay in a hotel, where the atmosphere can be impersonal.

Villas are typically  standard, single family home, are also known for being luxurious, larger homes with their own gardens, vineyards or courtyards.