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Tips For Buying Homes in Addis Ababa

Tip #1 – Research Neighborhoods for Best Fit

After you’ve found some homes for sale in your price range, be careful not to make a decision based on the property alone. According to a  survey, home buyers are more willing to compromise on a home’s condition (20%) and size (17%) than on the quality of its neighborhood (6%) and distance from a school (2%). So make sure you factor neighborhood quality and location into your decision.

Here are some tips for you : –


  • Visit the neighborhood


Visit the neighborhood at different times and days to check for traffic conditions and noise levels and to see if people are comfortable being outdoors. Choose a neighborhood that you and your family feel good about.  


  • Search For School Nearby


Begin by looking for the best schools in the area, and look for neighborhoods that are zoned to those particular schools. You could also meet with the principal of each school and find out what the school morals and focus might be. Decide what you want for your children, and start there.

  • Take a Look at the facilities Nearby


If riding a bike, having access to local facilities is important to you, then look for a planned community where these items are accessible. 

Take a drive to a few of them, and see how you feel once you’re there. Most planned communities have a central place where you can learn about the development, and what the future plans are for it. 

Pop into the local grocery store and get a feel for where you might be shopping in the future.

Actually spending time in the neighborhood gives you a glimpse of what your weekends may look like in the future, should you choose that particular area.

It’s also a good idea to find a neighborhood that includes an emergency clinic and Hospital.


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