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Real Estate In Ethiopia

Real Estate scene in Addis Ababa is changing everyday. If you visited Addis Ababa 5 years ago and you come back today, you will be amazed as to how many high rise buildings popped up in Addis skyline. Many bank buildings, insurance buildings 30 stories high, like in the west is being built in the business district of the city.

So many apartment buildings are also built or under construction all over town. Many real estate companies like Noah Real Estate, Evergrand Real Estate, Metropolitan Real Estate, have multiple sites finished and delivered to customers or in the construction stage soon to be finished and sold or rented. There are also many individuals building apartments, guest houses, villas and hotels everyday.

As you visit those real estate sites, you will realize that the quality of the construction is also increasing day by day. Real Estate companies like Metropolitan Real Estate PLC owned by Turkish American investors are building luxury apartments with all materials and finishing labor brought from Turkey. Varnero apartments and villas built in Lebu makes you feel like you are in Italy as you enter the compound. Many local builders are also utilizing foreign workers to increase their building quality as well.

Buyers are also demanding better construction quality, better finishing for the homes they are searching.

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