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We realize that there is not yet a well regulated and professional real estate agency system established in Ethiopia. It maybe very frustrating to work with street brokers who do not have a license, office and company. is here to fill that void. We are a licensed, professional company with offices, tax ID and experience in the market.


We offer consultancy to local and foreign investors on a wide range of business in Ethiopia!


We provide Leasing and Marketing, Physical Property or Maintenance related, Handling Office Operations


Find the largest selection of quality homes, villas, and condominiums on the market!


Offices,shops, storages production facilities and more – offered on behalf of the owner!


Types of houses
Apartment An apartment is a group of housing units in one building all owned by one entity.  In other words, all the units…
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Things To Consider when renting or buying your new Shops/office
  Budget   Cost is likely your big concern. Don’t choose an office that is going to put your business too far into…
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Tips For Buying Homes in Addis Ababa
Tip #1 – Research Neighborhoods for Best Fit After you’ve found some homes for sale in your price range,…
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